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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Crafty ideas

I have decided to join the online crafting community with this post!

I drew a reindeer to use as a Christmas card design but then I thought of all the other things I could make with it; I created gift tags by folding two images printed back to back, punching a hole in the top corner and adding a ribbon. My favorite use though, was as cup cake decorations or 'toppers'. Not only did I get to eat cake, but they looked cute and Christmassy too. 

As you can see I had fun making the gift tags and cup cake toppers, so I thought I would share this with all the crafters and see what became of can print out and use the JPEGs I have uploaded.


There are two different sizes, the larger size is perfect for cards and the smaller size is intended for gift tags (I used the smaller size for the cup cake toppers, just folded them and secured a cocktail stick inside with double sided sticky tape). Both sizes have cut and fold lines on for square cards but you don't have to stick to the cut lines (I prefer the cards that I cut into reindeer shapes). Just remember that you need to leave a bit of the fold at the top so both sides are attached!

The cards should look like this when printed on a sheet of A4.

If you are worried about putting card through your printer you could print them on regular stock A4 and then glue them (use spray mount for neatness) onto heavier card.

You could try printing the design onto decal paper to create a transfer that can be applied to glass or ceramic. I think you could make some great table decorations with some old jam jars, a bit of ribbon and some tea lights.

You could also print onto heat-transfer paper and apply the design to fabric for use on a Christmas stocking or similar project.

Both decal paper and fabric transfer paper are available online and in craft stores. Make sure you follow the instructions on the pack you buy as they do vary.

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