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Friday, 23 December 2011

Home made bilberry gin labels

Back in the summer I spent an afternoon picking billberries. I ate a lot of them and made cakes with some but the most exciting thing I did with them was to make some billberry gin! I just filled empty bottles with the berries, poured over caster sugar then topped up with gin. You have to give it a shake now and then but it turns a nice purpley-red almost straight away.

It makes an excellent cocktail when mixed with Champagne. This is how I intend to drink it!

I wanted to make the bottle look nice, so I created these labels. The "Festive Cheer/Dear, Oh Dear" idea came from Merrydown Cider (and others). One of my favourite illustrations for Merrydown is by Jonny Hannah.

Hopefully it will go down a treat.

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